The Reports reaching us from Baardere town of Gedo region indicate that government security forces have today shot dead to a woman who was attempting to blow herself up at the district police station.

Reports confirm that the woman who has just dropped a vehicle from Baidoa town and went straight to the police station as she has dushed a grenade bomb to the security gate officers as she was intending to get inside but was later shot dead by the other security forces in the station.

When Security officers searched the deceased woman'sbody explovive laden device wrapped across her body was found.

Last month, a female suicide bomber blew herself up inside the mayor’s office during a security meeting killing district commissioners, directors and injured the Mogadishu Mayor who later passed away for the serious injuries from the attack.

It was just the fourth time the Al Qaeda-linked al-Shabab had been known to use a female suicide bomber.

This is an increasing trend Al-shabab are using luring young women in their sporic scheme since they happen to be weaker sex.