The ongoing Couter terrorism in Syria should be alearning lesson to the East Africa and Africa Continent Citizen to appreciate peace and freedom that we all enjoy. now and today.

Led by one of their most lethal and respected defense forces "the Tiger Forces", the Syrian military meticulously have continue to leberate anumber of regions and territories from the Terrorist group back to the government.

Currently the fighting is foregoing to leberate Idlib and Hama Governorate and this weekend they have continued to seizing one site after another from the militants.

This advance by the Syrian Arab Army eventually led to the capture of Al-Hobeit in southwestern Idlib, marking the first time that they have established a foothold in this part of the governorate since 2014.

 With Alshabaab being the immediate threat we face today we decided to share this video from Anna News through Almasdar to get to know and appreciate the Role played by the defense forces and foremost the devsastating effects of terrosim.

In the Anna News video below, the Syrian Arab Army’s operation is chronicled from its start to its conclusion.