African Nations are Ranked Lowest in the Global Firepower Report.

A country in the world is considered strong or powerful depending on their military strength and defense capabilities. According to Global Firepower (GFP), which ranks nations in accordance with military might, more than 50 factors that include resources, financial and geographical values, are considered when ranking countries.

First world and economically equipped countries, such as the United States of America (USA), Russia and China (ranked first, second and third respectively) are well placed in strength.  Their continuous development is strongly motivated by competition with each other, aided by their ability to spend, modernize and evolve their techniques.

The strongest nations are capable of waging and handling war in airspace, on land and in seawaters, with both conventional and sophisticated ultramodern weapons. Most of the global powers are rich in explored and discovered oil reserves. They often spend a lot on petroleum, which is considered as the lifeblood of war. Together with the diverse and massive number of weapons, there is no war that such nations cannot handle.

Most countries on the African continent, however, still have very much to do concerning their defense systems and military strength, given the fact that they are increasingly targeted by insurgent groups and armed militia, raising the necessity to defend themselves with more equipped military power with the use of armor and artillery.

Out of the 137 countries contained in the GFP ranking, Egypt is the most powerful African nation and is currently ranked 12th globally. Although it is placed at a higher level than a nation like Israel in equipment and defense related resources, Egypt, just like other African nations, still lacks in efficiency, proper training and sufficient personnel, compared to the former.

Most recently, Israel has reportedly been boosting its diplomatic ties with Africa by offering training services to dozens of nations within the continent. Israeli defense forces are said to have started and planning to train personnel in nations such as Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya, among others.

It is noted that Israel’s choice of nations whose soldiers and other security personnel are being trained, have built close relations with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, with the singular Middle East nation categorically avoiding those linked to human rights violations. It is notable that Israel seeks to avoid the skills in imparts to African military forces, being used for mass human atrocities and violations.

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