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How UK,National Security Council Hatched aplan for Regime change in Kenya, Egypt,Zimbabwe, Nigeria

According to our Reliable Source The UK Immediate Defense Secretary
Gavin Williamson and its National Security Council,the UK think tank tasked with overseeing all issues National defense and Intelligence coordination hatched a well documented plan for Regime change since 2016 to overthrow the Governments of both Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, Zimbabwe and Uganda.

Leaked documets shared with us Indicates that despite the majority of National Security Council committee approving the Invasion, UK prime Minister Rejected his Proposal.

When Downing Street rejected the call, fearing that it could start a military confrontation that will be endless, Williamson allegedly scrawled “f**k the prime minister” on the relevant paperwork, which was reported back to Prime Minister Theresa May’s office.

His Hawkish nous is Reported to be one of the main Reason Williamson is said to have been Fired by the Prime Minister.
As a politician, the former defense Minister unambiguously threatened to topple May, by reportedly telling fellow Tories: “I made her -–I can break her.”

Williamson on International arena provoked an array of scandals, including the one in which he notoriously told Russia “to go away and shut up.” The slur raised ire in the Kremlin, and was widely criticized by political commentators and journalists, with many branding his comments “childish.”

Williamson Gavin will lament the war that he never actually got to fight as head of the Ministry of Defence, but no one can accuse him of not trying to start one. If he wasn’t antagonising the world’s biggest nuclear power in Moscow, he was throwing jibes at China. 

When Britain finally launched its new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth he was so excited he started threatening countries he didn’t like with ‘lethal force’ and promised to deploy it to the Pacific. Threatening war and scuppering trade deals is not exactly in the national interest.

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