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Tension in Middle East As Iran Reduces Compliance with Non-Proliferation of Nuclear deal

Threats of War Loom as Iran Reduces Compliance with International Nuclear Pact

Recent events seem to indicate a growing possibility for serious war looming in the Middle East as the top Western world giant continues to viciously indict some of the nations with growing powers in the region. The United States of America (USA) under its currently troubled conservative Republican President Donald Trump is having a major spat with the mainly Shiite Islamic state of Iran in the Persian Gulf

The Trump regime in Washington DC, has recently taken radical measures regarding Iran’s growing power and influence in the Middle East, after expressing its many worries about the matter. What is more alarming to the American regime it the decision by the Iranian government to, either negate or reduce its compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal

On Wednesday May 8, 2019, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced that the nation would stop complying with some parts of the nuclear pact it signed with world powers, even as the Trump administration continues to ratchet-up economic and military pressure on Tehran. One of the Trump regime’s most recent actions was the sending of an American military aircraft carrier and B-52 bomber warplanes to the Middle East and the Persian Gulf.

Iran’s President Rouhani has now declared that his country would reduce its compliance with the 2015 deal. The Iranian declaration came exactly on the one-year anniversary of Trump’s announced complete withdrawal from an agreement that limited Iran’s nuclear program in return for sanctions relief.

According to President Rouhani, Iran will start keeping excess uranium and “heavy water” from its nuclear program inside the country – as opposed to selling it internationally – in a move that effectively amounts to a partial breach of the deal. He also seta 60-day deadline for new terms to its nuclear accord, with Britain, France, Germany, China, Russia and the European Union, even in the absence of the U.S. If the new terms aren’t met, he threatened to resume higher uranium enrichment.

“We felt that the nuclear deal needs a surgery and the painkiller pills of the last year have been ineffective. This surgery is for saving the deal, not destroying it” Rouhani said in a nationally televised address. Analysts and observers view Iran’s announcement as being in defiance and partial retaliation to recent American activities in the Middle East

Before the most recent sending of its large warship and bomber aircraft to the Middle East, the U.S. administration had declared Iran as its top enemy in the region and even tagged one of the Iranian military forces as “a terrorist group,” in a move that was widely viewed as unnecessary. European allies of the U.S. such the United Kingdom (U.K.), Germany, France and Italy, have been much more restrained in dealing with the Iran issue. They have maintained cordial relations with the Persian Gulf nation.

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