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Cape Town to hosts the 2019 African Utility Week from May 14th– 16th

African Utility Week dedicated to Africans, is a gathering of professionals from the water, electricity and energy sectors in Africa, with discussions focused production, distribution and storage of energy in the continent.

The event, taking place in conjunction with PowerGen Africa, will help identify, through the sharing of experience, new practices for a better management of the continent’s energy heritage.

Over,10,000 top decision makers and 350 exhibitors and 77 utility and municipalities are expected from 81 countries. The conference provides an opportunity to reflect on how to make the water and energy sectors more competitive in Africa.

According to the organizers, it will also serve as a forum to discuss real business proposals to streamline their procurement process by linking African decision makers in public services, municipalities and commercial enterprises with technology and service providers.

Among the top agenda will be discussions on Climate change and extreme weather conditions; growing threat of drought; partnership agreements to improve access to energy; Critical factors that can influence the success of energy projects and the Coca-Cola Initiative on Sustainable Water Management.

It is also important to note that in recent times, mini grids have increasingly become vital on the continent and are being built at a rapid rate with more than 2,000 mini grids currently across Africa.

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