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Following a report released by the World bank, Ghana is currently the first-largest gold producer in Africa followed by South Africa. From its 2018 data records, the African nation has exported 158 tons of gold an increase of 15 percent over the past year.

The Ghana Forest Investment Program is set to compensate the rural communities in the four regions of Ghana which are currently affected by the environmental damage and pollution associated with destructive artisanal mining and logging practices.

village of Tanchara, Ghana

In addition, the World Bank further approved an additional financing of $19.39 million to the program. However, the program is already implementing activities focusing on agricultural drivers of deforestation by working with cocoa farmers and communities to rehabilitate and protect forest reserves.

The additional financing operation aims at complementing these activities by piloting approaches to and benefits of reclamation of mining sites, which will reduce erosion currently polluting public watercourses and engage the private sector in plantation development to reduce pressure on natural forests.

According to the Washington-based institution, Ghana has thus dethroned South Africa and returned to the high volumes of the 1980s. Mining firms operating in the country include Newmont Mining Corporation, Gold Fields, Anglogold Ashanti and Asanko Gold.

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