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WBC, Deontay Wilder took 2minutes to knockout Dominic Breazale

The “Bronze Bomber” as he is commonly know just took 2 minutes 17 Seconds to knockout Dominic Breazeale and defend his WBC championship for the Ninth time in arow.

The two heavy weight bout came about after exchanging some nasty words between the two. With Wilder mentioning he wants to see the body in the ring while breazeale saying he will stop the champ.

When the bout bell rang, Wilder came marauding forward ferociously as if to finish the job early on time.

The Bronze Bomber surprised Breazeale with his tough right hand pushing him back to the the corner, however, Breazeale came to live and clipped the defending champion with a right hand over the top that had him momentarily backing away.

However, when the tow re-engaged in the center of the ring, Wilder unleashed a brilliant one-two combination, with the second punch – a poweful right hand – knocking out Breazeale in spectacular fashion.

With such defastating punch,It prompted Showtime commentator Mauro Ranallo to exclaim: “Wilder hit Breazeale so hard they are feeling it in Brazil! Mama mia!”

After the contest, Wilder told Sky Sports that, while he didn’t take back his pre-fight words, he was pleased that his opponent was OK after the knockout.

“I don’t regret nothing I said. I won’t say nothing I don’t mean. But it’s one thing to say something and one thing to do it, and I’m glad it didn’t happen tonight,” he told Sky Sports after the fight.

“My negative energy towards him is cleansed. I feel released… we’re gonna squash it, once and for all.”

what amatch! what aboxing! Momentum seem to be escalated with Antony Joshua Manager calling on the two champions for the unification match next.

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