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The president of the Republic of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta has called upon Muslims to help in the fight against extremism during a historic visit to Jamia mosque in the capital Nairobi. In an unprecedented visit, Mr. Kenyatta went to the Jamia Mosque to break the fast on Thursday night.

President Kenyatta called for unity in the country and urged the Muslim community to work closely with the government in fighting crime and extremism.

“When we see violence occasioned, this violence is not occasioned by Muslims or Christians but by criminals. It is this criminal that we fight because they are enemies of Muslims and Christians and all other religious groups,” said the President.

He asserted that unity and peace is vital to every Kenyan irrespective of the background and tolerance is the foundation of a harmonious coexistence. The President further assured the worshippers that the Government will never advocate injustice against any group of Kenyans.

Muslim leaders who spoke at the Mosque said the President had opened a new window of unity by making the first visit by a sitting President to a mosque.

President Kenyatta’s visit was significant gesture to the Muslims as they are marking the last five days of Ramadan. Earlier in the day, Kenyatta had flagged off foodstuff destined to various mosques around the city which some would father be distributed to the needy.

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