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A BBC sports report based on piracy company MUSO, has revealed that nearly a million Kenyans watched the much-anticipated boxing match between Britain’s Anthony Joshua and Mexican Andy Ruiz Jr through illegal channels.

Topping the list according to MUSO, was Nigeria with 2.35m unlicensed viewers in a total of more than 13 million people around the world, who watched Joshua’s unexpected loss of his heavyweight title to Ruiz. 998,027 people in Kenya and 921,994 in the United Kingdom accessed the match illegally as well.

The total number of unauthorized viewers surpassed Deontay Wilder’s controversial draw with Tyson Fury last December by four million. “We saw how popular the Fury v Wilder fight was across piracy networks,” MUSO’s co-founder, Andy Chatterley told the BBC.

“The Joshua v Ruiz fight has been the largest unauthorized audience that we’ve ever tracked across boxing and it’s staggering to see that 93 per cent of the audience watched via YouTube.”

It now seems that there is a huge ignored audience that is highly engaged and offers up huge insight and perhaps, more importantly, significant commercial opportunity with the figures.

These latest figures suggest the television networks are struggling to contain the spread of illegal streaming. Additionally, it shows that the high costs by the big multinational broadcast license holders are restricting consumers’ access to premium events, especially in developing countries.

It is not news since in multiple times; many Kenyans have voiced their frustration with the premium satellite television service providers for charging highly for few programs and sporting events.

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