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Call for Power Transfer to a Civilian Regime by the U.S. and Sudan Opposition FFC

During his current visit to Sudan, top diplomat of the United States of America (U.S.) for Africa Tibor Nagy met with the opposition Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC), and voiced his strong support for the need to expedite the transfer of power from the military to a civilian government.

Roving American diplomat Nagy arrived in the Sudanese capital Khartoum on Wednesday, June 1, 2019, was flanked by the recently appointed U.S. envoy to Sudan Mr. Donald Booth.

In a statement released late on Wednesday, the opposition coalition said they discussed with the two U.S. officials the power handover process and the “massacre” of the pro-democracy sit-in outside the army headquarters of 3 June.

According to the opposition FFC, its own top leaders  and the American diplomats also extensively discussed the need for transparent and internationally recognized investigations into the bloody violence and accountability for those who perpetrated the attacks.

“The two parties agreed on the need to transfer power to a civilian-led transitional authority as soon as possible, in order to realize the aspirations of the Sudanese people and the gains of this revolution,” the FFC declared in its a statement released after the meeting.

Both parties at the meeting also welcomed the mediation efforts undertaken by the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and agreed to support its outcome as the ruling military junta and the opposition have now agreed to resume talks on the transfer of power following the timely intervention by the neighbor in the serious internal dispute.

The two conflicting parties in Sudan have also pledged to refrain from inflammatory statements and to implement a number of measures aimed at creating a conducive environment before the resumption of talks.

In its statement, the FFC said they agreed with the American diplomats that the military council should immediately withdraw its troops and militias from residential areas and replace them with police forces to maintain security.

The opposition movement also seeks the release of political prisoners, lifting the internet blackout, and ensuring media freedoms, were also cited in the statement as part of the measures that the ruling junta should implement.

After his arrival to Khartoum and before to meet the opposition FFC, Nagy met with Ilham Ibrahim Mohamed Ahmed the acting Undersecretary of the Foreign Ministry, before he holds an important session with the military council on Thursday.

Sudan’s official news agency reported that Ilham called to send “positive messages” to the parties engaged in the talks to encourage them to conclude an agreement.  She is also said to have further stressed that Sudan’s stability is crucial for essential for the stability in the region and the success of the international efforts for combating terrorism, human trafficking, illegal immigration and realizing peace in the neighbouring countries.

According to SUNA, the U.S. diplomat said that the international community supports the African Union (AU) and neighbouring Ethiopia’s efforts to reach an agreement on the arrangements for the transitional period and achieve a democratic change in Sudan.

The top U.S. diplomat also added that they look forward to upgrading the diplomatic representation between the two countries to the level of ambassadors that Sudan would be removed from the list of states that  are regarded as sponsors of terrorism.

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