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U.S. Envoy Says Kenya Loses Sh.800 billion (USD8 billion) Annually due to Corruption.

Corruption continues to weigh down and cripple Kenya’s economy, while it is widely believed that the pronounced fight against graft is the only way to save the country. According to the current Ambassador of the United States of America to Kenya , Mr. Kyle McCarter, Kenya loses $8 billion (Sh800 billion) annually to corruption activities.

Speaking while launching a campaign against Visa Fraud at the Kenyatta University on Thursday, the American diplomat declared that graft will greatly increase the cost of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s “Big Four” development agenda.

He says that despite the renewed war on graft, Kenya continues to lose billions of shillings hence the war should never become degraded or stopped until the vice is fully curbed.

The U.S. Ambassador further urged Kenyan youths, more so university students, to join hands and demand accountability for taxpayer’s money, as the loss will only deny them a good future.

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