Solidarity, Effective International Law and Humanity Could Solve Refugee Crisis by Far.

As we mark the world refugee day, we need to reflect on the livelihood, wellbeing and future of the world’s most vulnerable people; refugees. The world refugee day is marked on the 20th of June every year in solidarity with the refugees.

Refugees and internally displaced persons are people who have been forced to flee out of their homes either across borders to other countries or to other regions within their home countries as a result of conflict or disasters.

 No one is ever prepared to suddenly flee their homes with nothing but themselves into an uncertain future and journey leaving behind their entire lives. Refugees have endured so many dehumanizing situations just stay alive.

For many decades, people are continually being displaced out of their homes and despite finding asylum or protection in a second country; a complete resettlement for them is least forthcoming as time goes by.

With education, and normal life experience cut short, parents have watched their careers and promising lives of their children take a different unexpected turn.

Most refugees and displaced persons always look forward to going back home to continue with their lives, but in most cases, it is almost impossible due to unending conflict and lack of stability. Some refugees have lived in camps for years hoping that everything will go back to normal back home or at least they be considered for resettlement.

There are currently 70 million refugees and internally displaced persons in the world according to the United Nations agency for Refugees (UNHCR). Ironically, developing countries with fewer resources host more refugees as compared to economically stable nations due to several reasons.

The most common reason is fewer countries accept refugees and others turn them back because of economic fears. Also as mentioned, most refugees always hope to return home once everything goes back to normal hence they prefer to stay in neighboring developing countries.

 Additionally, some countries fail to treat refugees well and deprive them of their dignity and human rights by never confirming them as citizens, paying them less for work or denying them employment just to name a few.

In recent years, refugees have continued being turned back by countries they run to especially in Europe. Although every country has the right and choice to open or close its borders, international human rights hold everyone accountable for refugees and state that none of them should be turned back to the danger they are fleeing from.

Implementation of good international policy and global government cooperation could go a long way in doing justice for refugees.

As the world marks the refugee day, the call is for everyone to open up their hearts, hands and borders to a refugee and make the world a better place.

The day should in future be a celebration filled with more fulfilling, satisfying news on the success of refugees. It is therefore for a fact that the situation could be easier if the global community would act in solidarity to accept and resettle refugees whose home countries are evidently years away from being safe to return to.

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