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Tunisia’s prolonged state of emergency to take effect on July 12th 2019

Tunisia has been under state of emergency since 2015 following three terrorist attacks; two in capital Tunis and one the resort city of Sousse killed at least 70 people most of whom were foreign tourists.

The state of emergency grants security forces exceptional power including ban on all gatherings, raids on public or private places without a prior authorization from the judiciary.

Tunisian President Caid Essebsi extended in-place state of emergency for one additional month, following the recent attacks. The measure is set to come into force from Friday 12th July.

The one-month extension comes following two subside attacks Tunis nearly two weeks ago. One police officer in the coordinated attacks including several wounded.

Last Wednesday, the interior ministry announced that they had identified the man who is believed to have been the mastermind of the two attacks and blew himself up after being surrounded by security forces in a district of the Tunisia capital.

However, the National Guard and the anti-terrorism brigade are also combing the country in view of numbing all kinds of terror groups of cells.

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