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The United Nations agency for refugees UNHCR has said that authorities in Libya have released refugees and migrants from the detention Centre that was bombed in Tajoura, near Tripoli, last week.

The attack claimed the lives of more than 50 people mainly from the sub Saharan part of Africa who were attempting to reach Europe through Libya.

Forces loyal to Libya National Army’s General Khalifa Haftar have been blamed for the air strike by but have refuted accusing the government side of shelling the Centre.

In a statement, the UNHCR in Libya says the authorities have allowed more than 310 refugees and migrants to be relocated. The agency says it hopes that 260 people from the group, who were moved on Tuesday, will eventually be found a place in an open Centre where they will enjoy the freedom of movement.

The UNHCR added that it has also identified 55 of the “most vulnerable refugees” who will be taken on Wednesday to what it calls a departure facility before they are transferred to a third country.

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