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Diplomasia was founded in September 2018, by a young and bright Kenyan Mr. Derrick O. Wanjawa; with the crucial main objective of  making a contribution to the shaping of foreign relations and diplomacy in East Africa, Africa and the rest of the world. Its main aim is to build a strong bridge of diplomatic discourse between the African continent and other parts of the globe.

Diplomasia Magazine has established both an online and print version. The online publication is reached through www.dipomasianews.com. For many decades since most of the nations achieved independence from colonial rule, foreign policy in Africa, and East Africa has never been clear. We strongly aspire to change this situation through analytical examination by proper think-tanks, with proper and informative debate on foreign policy issues. Our aim is also to bring the governments on board with proven realism and renaissance.

We also have a concrete plan to establish a Diplomasia Center/Institute of Foreign Relations to help reinforce this.

To this end, both the online and print and editions of Diplomasia Magazine, seek to promote as far possible a fresh and vigorous debate about the course of Africa’s foreign relations; featuring a number of leading authors from governments, journalistic and academic specialists as well as private sector contributors. There will be serious debates between many people and sectors who may disagree with each other.  It is through such disagreements and debates, however, that realism can be encouraged and achieved with proper clarity about foreign policy.

The Diplomasia Magazines seeks to serve the African continent’s wider interests so that it becomes an important contributor to global issues.  We wish to dispel the kind of diplomacy based bellicose rhetoric and regime change like what has happened in a number of African nations, e.g. Libya. Africa needs to embrace its own foreign policies and development aspirations.

For more details feel free to reach us through our contact form  or write to us through our email: diplomasia[at]brandandambassadorea.com