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A Turkish diplomat was killed alongside an Iraqi man by gunmen on Wednesday 17th, 2019 while they were having lunch at a restaurant in the northern Iraqi city of Irbil. This is an indication of an uncommon upsurge of violence in the capital of the country’s semi-autonomous Kurdish region. According to Turkish Minister for Foreign […]Continue Reading
Sudan’s Protest Leaders and Military Council Sign a Transitional Government Agreement Peace may now return to the long-troubled central North African nation of Sudan. After weeks of intense negotiations, following numerous disagreements, the ruling military leaders and the protest leaders have formally signed an agreement to create a transitional power-sharing government. Continue Reading
There is an Urgent Need for Unified Regional and Global Efforts in the Fight against Terrorism. Terrorism and violent extremism is continuously costing countries on the African continent a lot in terms of lives, resources and development. The surging numbers and sophistication of insurgent groups and militias have made the vice highly formidable to deal […]Continue Reading
New Russian Envoy to Somalia Amid Preparations for Afro-Russian Summit at Black Sea City, Sochi. During the past six years, several Western powers have renewed their diplomatic presence in Somalia, after the establishment of a fairly stable central government in the troubled Eastern African nation. Among them is the ambassador of the United States of […]Continue Reading
Nigeria’s Commitment a Significant Boost to the Bloc Nigeria, the biggest economy in Africa announced on Wednesday 3rd July that it was going to finally sign the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) at the coming African union summit. The West African country was one of the three remaining countries that had not committed to […]Continue Reading
Gen. Khalifa Haftar Blamed For Strike, Defenseless Migrants On The Receiving End. At least 40 people lost their lives in Tripoli, Libya when an airstrike hit a detention Centre in the city’s suburb early Wednesday. According to Malek Merset, a spokesman for the health ministry of the UN-supported government, those killed were mainly African migrants […]Continue Reading
Amidst the ongoing push and pull between Libya and Turkey, Six Turkish citizens who were detained in Libya by forces loyal to Gen Khalifa Haftar have been released, according to the Turkish Foreign Ministry. The ministry’s announcement came on Monday, a day after Turkey threatened the eastern Libyan militia with a military retaliation, saying they […]Continue Reading
The ugly verbal confrontation between the Asian-Middle East Islamic Republic of Iran and the Western global giant, the United States of America has been getting worse in recent times and some analysts believe that it may soon lead to a military confrontation. Most recently, Iran has issued a stern warning to the United States against […]Continue Reading
The president of Rwanda Paul Kagame has defended his country’s human rights record terming the criticism against it as “rubbish” and “ridiculous”. Kagame was speaking in an interview with French TV broadcaster France24. He defended his country saying that it is a different country compared to what it was 25 years ago and further challenged […]Continue Reading
Kenya Risks Being ‘Land Locked’ if Somalia Has Its Way and EAC Member Tanzania’s interestingly ‘Concerned’ The Kenya-Somali maritime border dispute keeps taking new twist and turns as new revelations keep emerging. It is now reported that Kenya is at risk of losing an enormous maritime territory if Somalia succeeds before the International Court of […]Continue Reading
Arab States Call On Kenya To Stop Its Hands On Somali Territorial Waters. The Arab states have come together to show support for Somalia concerning the heightening maritime dispute with its south western neighbor Kenya. In its statements released on Thursday 20th June 2019, the Arab league expressed steadfast support for the horn of Africa […]Continue Reading
The embassy of the United States in Tanzania has issued a security alert to its citizens over fears of imminent attacks in a tourist area in Dar es Salaam. In a website statement and social media posts, the embassy said: “Possible Attacks in Expat Areas of Dar es Salaam-There are rumours of impending attacks in […]Continue Reading
Top Chinese Diplomat Warns against Opening a Pandora’s Box in Middle East China has given notice to the United States of America (U.S.) against exerting “extreme pressure” on Iran in resolving current issues with Iran and warned against opening a “Pandora’s Box” in the Middle East. This comes after the United States announced the deployment […]Continue Reading
The government of Kenya has relieved fears of an Ebola outbreak in the country following a suspected case that was reported in Kericho County. The case had created massive worries over the lethal disease among citizens. Speaking in a press briefing on Monday at the Kenyatta international airport, Health Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki said the […]Continue Reading