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There is no food security without food safety; in order to eradicate hunger, we all have to ensure that everyone has access to safe nutritious food all year round. The way in which food is produced, stored, handled and consumed affects the safety of our food. Today, June 7th 2019, marks the first ever World […]Continue Reading
Cycling to counter climate change / air pollution Air pollution, a man-made problem is currently among the world’s leading health risk claiming millions of lives every year. As move to counter these, all governments should start investing in the pedal power to improve the air quality. The Bicycle, according to the United Nation, is simple, […]Continue Reading
Emerging and developing economies are currently at risk of experiencing rising trade barriers, slow investment and economic slowdowns in the richer nations according to a new report by the World Bank thus making it lower its expectations of the global economic growth for this year. Although the picture for poorer countries is expected to stabilize […]Continue Reading
Despite the global criticism, Saudi Arabia continues to implement its systematic policy of reprisal and intimidation against those engaging or seeking to engage with the UN and further imprison human rights defenders, women’s rights activists and dissidents. It has become evident that further action needs to be taken by the world’s top human rights body […]Continue Reading
Controversy on AMHN Hosting Brazilian President at Person of the Year Gala Dinner Around the globe, natural-history museums are mainly used as research centers, public and tourist attractions, and storage facilities of natural treasures.  Besides preserving the history of various species, however, many museums around the world are also rental event spaces that demand Continue Reading
North Korea’s Refreshed Political Line-up amid Stalled Nuclear Talks with the U.S. Despite being at the center stage of the stalemate nuclear talks with the United States of America (U.S.), North Korea leader Kim Jong Un has retained his most important leadership post as his rubber-stamp parliament made a swing of personnel changes that bolstered […]Continue Reading
IMF and Zimbabwe Sign Reforms Policy Paper to Save the Economy The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has finally decided to assist the currently troubled, politically and economically, southern African nation of Zimbabwe, which is suffering from decades of a steadily declining economy and hyperinflation. Since 1999, Zimbabwe has not been able to borrow from international Continue Reading
Emerging Doubts after Egypt Pulls Out of U.S.-Backed Middle East Military Alliance Egypt, the most highly populated nation in North Africa, also with the strongest military force in the region, has now backed out of the United States of America (U.S.)-backed effort to forge an alliance of key Arab nations, commonly referred to as the […]Continue Reading
Hundreds of Refugees Die at the Al-Hol Camp in Syria Due to Poor Living Conditions As widely reported by many refugees and various international organizations, the Al-Hol refugee camp in the troubled Middle East nation state of Syria has in recent times become a humanitarian hell-scape, due to lack of  accommodation and medical facilities. Recently […]Continue Reading
CHINA, IRAN, SAUDI ARABIA, VIETNAM AND IRAQ MAKE IT TO AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL LIST OF TOP EXECUTIONERS. China is currently the leading nation in world executions following a report released on April 10th, 2019 by Amnesty International. The Asian economic giant is followed by Iran, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, and Iraq respectively. From the report, the international […]Continue Reading
Cancer Causing Pathogens Discovered in Slum Waters in Arusha and Kampala. Cancer is now a major killer epidemic around the world.  New discoveries indicate that it may exist in one of the most essential natural elements for life – water. Researchers from IHE Delft Institute for Water Education together with their counterparts from universities in […]Continue Reading
Worries Arise as Chinese Aid and Investments Come with Military Assistance While the politically and economically troubled southern African nation of Zimbabwe has been largely discarded and ignored by investors from the Western world, there are now big hopes that the global Asian economic giant, China, is coming to the rescue. Now regarded as one […]Continue Reading
MIs the U.S justified to List an Iranian Military Force as a Foreign Terrorist Organization? The mainly Islamic middle Asian nation of Iran has become a real bother to the conservative Republican regime of President Donald Trump of the United States of America (U.S.A.).  The two very different and far apart nations are currently at […]Continue Reading
Politically and Economically Suffering Zimbabwe Appoints 15 New Ambassadors. Politically and economically troubled southern African nation of Zimbabwe has appointed fifteen (15) new ambassadors selected from different government sectors to replace those who either died, been recalled or retired. Interestingly, President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s new list of diplomats comprises Continue Reading
Recent Meetings Raise Hope for Kenya – Somalia to End Their Maritime Border Dispute New hopes are emerging in the ongoing maritime dispute between Kenya and Somalia. Recent vicious verbal tirades between the two neighbouring eastern Africa nations appear to be thawing new formulas begin to emerge in normalizing relations.   Both countries now seem to […]Continue Reading