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After four years of talks, an agreement to form a 55-nation trade bloc was reached in March, paving the way for Sunday’s African Union summit in Niger where Ghana was announced as the host of the trade zone’s future headquarters and discussions were held on how exactly the bloc will operate. African leaders launched a […]Continue Reading
With the unrelenting trade war between the US and China, every other country is wary of how its economy could be affected by the scuffle between the two economic giants. Asserting that it was born out of jealousy, the president of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa, however, said that South Africa cannot allow its economy to […]Continue Reading
For almost the umpteenth time now, the global financial body, the World Bank is raising the red flag over the high cost at which Kenya and other African countries are borrowing commercial loans. It warns of severe consequences with future repayment difficulties if the borrowed money is not invested in productive projects. World Bank Vice-President […]Continue Reading
 Main Focus of Summit to Be on African Continental Free Trade Agreement The extraordinary summit of the African Union scheduled to take place in Niamey, Niger, West Africa early next week, July 8, 2019, will focus primarily on Africa’s budding economic integration. The conference will be specifically dedicated to the launch of the operational phase […]Continue Reading
Nigeria’s Commitment a Significant Boost to the Bloc Nigeria, the biggest economy in Africa announced on Wednesday 3rd July that it was going to finally sign the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) at the coming African union summit. The West African country was one of the three remaining countries that had not committed to […]Continue Reading
Gas production potential bodes well for both Mauritania and Senegal after 30 meters of net gas pay was found in the greater Tortue Ahmeyim offshore project on the border between the two West African nations. The finding was made by Dallas-based operator Kosmos Energy, which has a joint-venture with BP in the area as well […]Continue Reading
The Late Safaricom CEO, Collymore assumed the helm of the current biggest telco company in East Africa in November 2010 and was still in charge at the time of his death. During his tenure, the company continued its dominance of the country’s mobile sector and expanded the scope of its M-Pesa mobile money product, widely […]Continue Reading
The Economic Community for West African States (ECOWAS), which comprises of 15 regional member states, on Saturday, June 29 adopted a single currency named Eco that is expected to be launched within the next one year. According to several local media reports, there was “a real firm political will” that prompted the region to hurriedly […]Continue Reading
Kenya Risks Being ‘Land Locked’ if Somalia Has Its Way and EAC Member Tanzania’s interestingly ‘Concerned’ The Kenya-Somali maritime border dispute keeps taking new twist and turns as new revelations keep emerging. It is now reported that Kenya is at risk of losing an enormous maritime territory if Somalia succeeds before the International Court of […]Continue Reading
Arab States Call On Kenya To Stop Its Hands On Somali Territorial Waters. The Arab states have come together to show support for Somalia concerning the heightening maritime dispute with its south western neighbor Kenya. In its statements released on Thursday 20th June 2019, the Arab league expressed steadfast support for the horn of Africa […]Continue Reading
Top Chinese Diplomat Warns against Opening a Pandora’s Box in Middle East China has given notice to the United States of America (U.S.) against exerting “extreme pressure” on Iran in resolving current issues with Iran and warned against opening a “Pandora’s Box” in the Middle East. This comes after the United States announced the deployment […]Continue Reading
China is ready to negotiate a trade deal with the six-nation East Africa Community (EAC) to address Kenya’s complaints about a huge trade imbalance in favour of the Asian economic giant, China’s ambassador to Nairobi, Wu Peng told Reuters. According to Kenyan officials, the government was not ready to discuss a free trade agreement since […]Continue Reading
There is no food security without food safety; in order to eradicate hunger, we all have to ensure that everyone has access to safe nutritious food all year round. The way in which food is produced, stored, handled and consumed affects the safety of our food. Today, June 7th 2019, marks the first ever World […]Continue Reading
Cycling to counter climate change / air pollution Air pollution, a man-made problem is currently among the world’s leading health risk claiming millions of lives every year. As move to counter these, all governments should start investing in the pedal power to improve the air quality. The Bicycle, according to the United Nation, is simple, […]Continue Reading
Emerging and developing economies are currently at risk of experiencing rising trade barriers, slow investment and economic slowdowns in the richer nations according to a new report by the World Bank thus making it lower its expectations of the global economic growth for this year. Although the picture for poorer countries is expected to stabilize […]Continue Reading
The Chairperson of the AUC Commission Moussa Faki Mahamat, flanked by the African Union Commissioner for Trade and Industry, His Excellency Albert Muchanga received two AfCTA Ratified document The commonly known (AfCTA) African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) has come into force today Thursday. It will be the largest free trade agreement by population that […]Continue Reading
In most African countries, Belgium appears mainly as a contributor more than a business partner supporting good governance, fight against corruption and encouraging regional cooperation. It also has variety diplomatic and economic contacts with different countries across the world. In a move to strengthen the bilateral relations with Morocco, Belgium is set to allocate €3 Continue Reading
African, Russian Top Leaders to Hold Summit on October 24, in Sochi Diplomatic relations between Russia and African countries could become much better as the first ever Russia-Africa summit is scheduled to be held on October 24, 2019. The scheduled summit to be co-chaired by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of Egypt, […]Continue Reading