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Following weeks of civil defiance protests by the climate group Extinction Rebellion with the aim of raising awareness and pressuring the government into finding lasting solutions to the current global climate crisis, Britain’s parliament declared a symbolic climate change “emergency” in a nod to the increasingly vocal activist movement. According to the Government Climate Continue Reading
Environmental activists plan protests outside banks including Goldman Sachs, the Bank of England, Rothschild and Nomura on the final day of protests aimed at forcing Britain to take action to avert what they cast as a global climate cataclysm. The Extinction Rebellion group is also planning protests outside Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Canada and […]Continue Reading
Controversy on AMHN Hosting Brazilian President at Person of the Year Gala Dinner Around the globe, natural-history museums are mainly used as research centers, public and tourist attractions, and storage facilities of natural treasures.  Besides preserving the history of various species, however, many museums around the world are also rental event spaces that demand Continue Reading
The U.N. Warns Of Serious and Acute Food Insecurity as 113 Million Go Hungry Starvation and food insecurity are among the topmost contributors to humanitarian crises around the world. In its crisis report for 2019, the International Rescue Committee’s (IRC) projected that most of the countries that would likely require humanitarian assistance would be as […]Continue Reading
The death toll after Cyclone Idai, one of the deadliest in southern Africa has risen to at least 215. The cyclone tore into central Mozambique last week on Thursday before continuing on to Zimbabwe and Malawi, causing flash floods and ferocious winds. According to the Red Cross, at least 126 people were killed in Mozambique and Malawi, while 89 Continue Reading
The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), whose global headquarters is based in Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi, opened its scheduled annual assembly on Monday, March 11, even under a dark cloud cast by the Ethiopian Airlines plane crash that killed 157 people, including 22 U. N. staff, many of them heading for the annual event. The […]Continue Reading
Botswana Cabinet Ministers Recommend Elephant Hunting, Canning meat for ‘Pet Foods’ The constantly dwindling population of elephants in Africa and around the world is in danger again after a committee of cabinet ministers in Botswana made a recommendation that will never be acceptable to wildlife conservationists and the global community. They want the southern Continue Reading
Seizure of 40kg’s of Rhino Horns at Hong Kong International Airport. Highly valued wildlife on the African continent, especially elephants and rhinos are still under serious threat of extinction due to human poachers.  It is no surprise, therefore, that 40kg of rhino horn worth about $1million have been seized by Hong Kong customs while on […]Continue Reading
 Concerns on ISIS, North Korea, Fears on U.S. Power and Cyber Attacks are Main Global Issues According to a poll conducted by American organization, the Washington-based Pew Research Center, climate change is the top security concern around the world, followed by Islamist terrorism and cyber-attacks. The worry about the power and influence of the United […]Continue Reading
RWANDA NOW PLANS TO PRODUCE METHANE GAS FROM DANGEROUS LAKE KIVU The East African nation of Rwanda is now on a major economic and financial uplift. On Tuesday, February  5th  the East African Community member state announced that  it had on Friday signed a major deal valued US$400 million on Friday 1st February,  to produce […]Continue Reading
Climate change is now causing devastation in various parts of the globe, including the United States of America (USA) in the north, suffering from terrifying cold winds, and Australia in the south facing hitherto unprecedented heat waves and floods. Just days after an extreme, sweltering heat wave had people suffering and caused numerous bushfires in […]Continue Reading
The reptile had never attacked humans before, but this time it is thought to have suddenly leapt several metres up into the air to drag the woman into its fenced pool. An Indonesian scientist is thought to have been eaten alive by a crocodile while she was feeding it at the lab where she worked.  Moments earlier, the […]Continue Reading