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The “Bronze Bomber” as he is commonly know just took 2 minutes 17 Seconds to knockout Dominic Breazeale and defend his WBC championship for the Ninth time in arow. The two heavy weight bout came about after exchanging some nasty words between the two. With Wilder mentioning he wants to see the body in the […]Continue Reading
Ukraine is holding a second round of the presidential election. Preliminary Surveys show that comedian and political novice Volodymyr Zelensky leading with over 70% of votes cast Actor Vladimir Zelensky is challenging incumbent President Pyotr Poroshenko for a shot at the highest political office in Ukraine. The Ukrainian presidential race has been set up into […]Continue Reading
Heart disease is one of the most dangerous causes of premature deaths around the world. Cardiovascular-related diseases often develop over a period of time and their attacks can be fatal if medical emergency is not available. Doctors usually assess heart risk by concentrating on indicators such as cholesterol levels, blood pressure, smoking, diet, and lifestyle.  […]Continue Reading
A Balanced World Is A Better World Women make up about 50% of the world population. Despite this large number, they lack equivalent representation in top leadership positions. Their representation in fact, is like a pyramid, a multitude at the bottom and a few at the top. Gender should not be a determinant factor in […]Continue Reading
KENYA’S RAFIKI A FAVOURITE AT FESPACO; AFRICA’S 50TH LARGEST FILM FESTIVAL IN BURKINA FASO Africa’s largest film festival, named the Pan-African Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou (FESPACO), which was founded in 1969, kicked off last Saturday, February 23rd in Burkina Faso. The festival which celebrates African filmmakers, and the collective memory and Continue Reading
Azerbaijan model has reportedly sold her virginity through the German based Cinderella, escort agency for over $3.5 million.  Mahbuba Mammadzada, 23, said she did it to make her mother proud and so she can buy her a house and they can travel. The Daily Mail reported the successful bidder was a Japanese politician, who will be able […]Continue Reading
From ancient Mesopotamia to the Roman Empire, Muslim and Ottoman conquests, the region around the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers—today comprised largely of Syria and Iraq—is one of the oldest and most populous places in the world. For the past several years, it has been embroiled in an ongoing civil war that has been devastating for not only […]Continue Reading
Is The Country Not Ready Yet? The anxiously and much awaited verdict by a Kenyan court on the issue of homosexuality now stays in Limbo.  It appears that the East African nation might not be ready to legalize same-sex relationships, as yet.  The much-anticipated judgment on decriminalization of gay sex which was to be delivered […]Continue Reading
The 49 year old J Lo as she is commonly referred to by her fans was recorded by Alex Rodriguez training for her part in the upcoming movie “Hustler”. In the movie she plays the role of a stripper and does everything clearly to master her skill. The movie was inspired by the famous New York […]Continue Reading
2019 Message is: “Sustainable Development through Interfaith” It is estimated that the world has more than ten major religious faiths that often interact with each other and, therefore, need to exist in harmony. It is not the case at times, however, as the diversely inhabited world continues to face a myriad of religious differences and […]Continue Reading
HATE CRIMES HAVE RISEN SINCE DONALD TRUMP WAS ELECTED U.S. PRESIDENT IN 2016 . United States of America (U.S.) President Donald Trump has been globally a controversial figure in the politics and international relations between nations since he took office in 2016, taking over from the suave former President Barrack Obama. Since Trump came to […]Continue Reading