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A Turkish diplomat was killed alongside an Iraqi man by gunmen on Wednesday 17th, 2019 while they were having lunch at a restaurant in the northern Iraqi city of Irbil. This is an indication of an uncommon upsurge of violence in the capital of the country’s semi-autonomous Kurdish region. According to Turkish Minister for Foreign […]Continue Reading
Sudan’s Protest Leaders and Military Council Sign a Transitional Government Agreement Peace may now return to the long-troubled central North African nation of Sudan. After weeks of intense negotiations, following numerous disagreements, the ruling military leaders and the protest leaders have formally signed an agreement to create a transitional power-sharing government. Continue Reading
Gen. Khalifa Haftar Blamed For Strike, Defenseless Migrants On The Receiving End. At least 40 people lost their lives in Tripoli, Libya when an airstrike hit a detention Centre in the city’s suburb early Wednesday. According to Malek Merset, a spokesman for the health ministry of the UN-supported government, those killed were mainly African migrants […]Continue Reading
Amidst the ongoing push and pull between Libya and Turkey, Six Turkish citizens who were detained in Libya by forces loyal to Gen Khalifa Haftar have been released, according to the Turkish Foreign Ministry. The ministry’s announcement came on Monday, a day after Turkey threatened the eastern Libyan militia with a military retaliation, saying they […]Continue Reading
The ugly verbal confrontation between the Asian-Middle East Islamic Republic of Iran and the Western global giant, the United States of America has been getting worse in recent times and some analysts believe that it may soon lead to a military confrontation. Most recently, Iran has issued a stern warning to the United States against […]Continue Reading
The embassy of the United States in Tanzania has issued a security alert to its citizens over fears of imminent attacks in a tourist area in Dar es Salaam. In a website statement and social media posts, the embassy said: “Possible Attacks in Expat Areas of Dar es Salaam-There are rumours of impending attacks in […]Continue Reading
Top Chinese Diplomat Warns against Opening a Pandora’s Box in Middle East China has given notice to the United States of America (U.S.) against exerting “extreme pressure” on Iran in resolving current issues with Iran and warned against opening a “Pandora’s Box” in the Middle East. This comes after the United States announced the deployment […]Continue Reading
The border between Kenya and Somalia in Lamu has been closed indefinitely as security operations against Al Shabaab militants from Somalia intensify. The closure comes barely a week after fishing activities off the Coast near the Somali border were barred. According to the Lamu County Police Commander Mr. Muchangi Kioi, the border closed by Kenyan […]Continue Reading
The African Union Peace and Security Council on Thursday 5th June 2019 suspended Sudan from participating in any of the bloc’s activities until a civilian rule is established. This follows this week’s surge in violence, the worst since Omar al-Bashir was ousted in April. The military council, which took over the transitional government has been […]Continue Reading
Eritrea Tells ‘weak’ African Union to ‘wake up’ over Sudan Crisis One of the roles of the African Union is to promote peace, security, and stability on the continent. Under one of its principles “Peaceful resolution of conflicts (PSC)”, the union is mandated to intervene in member state in circumstances of war crimes, genocide and […]Continue Reading
Since April 2019, the US Africa Command (AFRICOM) has launched about eight airstrikes against Islamic State militants hiding in northern Somalia, killing approximately 20 militants, including the group’s second-in-command. According to AFRICOM’s new analysis of the group’s force strength however, the ISIS-Somalia are recruiting fighters fast enough to equalize the Continue Reading
Sudan’s military on Tuesday June 4, 2019 has announced that it has decided to cancel all that has been previously agreed with protesters about the country’s transition and elections will be held within nine months.  “The Military council decides on the following; cancelling what was agreed on and stopping negotiating with the Alliance for Freedom […]Continue Reading
As the Power Struggle continue to gain more steam, U.S Military fears continue to be dominated by China in Africa. While Beijing maintains a commercial and military presence in Djibouti, located south of the Bab-el-Mandeb strait that connects the Red Sea with the Indian Ocean; the tiny country is also home to the sole enduring […]Continue Reading
United Nations special envoy for Libya has warned that the battle for Tripoli is “just the start of a long and bloody war,” as militants loyal to Saudi/UAE-backed renegade general Khalifa Haftar continue an offensive to seize the Libyan capital. “I am no Cassandra, but the violence on the outskirts of Tripoli is just the […]Continue Reading
Terrorist Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi On 28th of April we reported righ here on Diplomasia News based on evidence that the Current Government of National Accord is is abetting terrorism in Libya to thrive hence the need to support Libya Natioanl strong man Field Marshall Haftar and his Forces of Libya National Army. This Monday […]Continue Reading
Known for its widespread human rights violations globally, Saudi Arabi is currently the world leading importer of arms from the year 2014 to 2018 which accounts for about 12 percent of imports an increase of 192 percent over the period of 2009-2013 according to the latest report by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). According […]Continue Reading
Threats of War Loom as Iran Reduces Compliance with International Nuclear Pact Recent events seem to indicate a growing possibility for serious war looming in the Middle East as the top Western world giant continues to viciously indict some of the nations with growing powers in the region. The United States of America (USA) under […]Continue Reading
According to our Reliable Source The UK Immediate Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson and its National Security Council,the UK think tank tasked with overseeing all issues National defense and Intelligence coordination hatched a well documented plan for Regime change since 2016 to overthrow the Governments of both Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, Zimbabwe and Uganda. Leaked documets Continue Reading
According to the United Arab Emirates, the Libyan capital is currently being controlled by  “extremist militias” which its ally Khalifa Haftar is fighting to capture from forces allied to Libya’s internationally recognized government. The UAE, along with Egypt, support Haftar who they see as a bulwark against Islamist militants in North Africa. A 2017 U.N. […]Continue Reading