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China regrets Iran’s decision to boost uranium enrichment above a cap set in a landmark 2015 nuclear deal, its foreign ministry said on Monday, reiterating that the standoff needed to be resolved diplomatically. At a daily briefing, ministry spokesman Geng Shuang also reiterated that China called on all sides involved to exercise restraint.Continue Reading
A BBC sports report based on piracy company MUSO, has revealed that nearly a million Kenyans watched the much-anticipated boxing match between Britain’s Anthony Joshua and Mexican Andy Ruiz Jr through illegal channels. Topping the list according to MUSO, was Nigeria with 2.35m unlicensed viewers in a total of more than 13 million people around […]Continue Reading
Emerging Doubts after Egypt Pulls Out of U.S.-Backed Middle East Military Alliance Egypt, the most highly populated nation in North Africa, also with the strongest military force in the region, has now backed out of the United States of America (U.S.)-backed effort to forge an alliance of key Arab nations, commonly referred to as the […]Continue Reading
African Nations are Ranked Lowest in the Global Firepower Report. A country in the world is considered strong or powerful depending on their military strength and defense capabilities. According to Global Firepower (GFP), which ranks nations in accordance with military might, more than 50 factors that include resources, financial and geographical values, are considered Continue Reading
Huawei has been accused by the US of being linked to the Chinese government and spying on its behalf, something that the company has vehemently denied. Amid the pressure from the USA Guo Ping commented on the executive order banning Huawei from the US, saying that it “is not necessary and should not be released”, as it would […]Continue Reading
Like a number of other African nations, the southern African state of Angola is also determined join the rapidly growing global usage of biometric passports. According to the Angolan Foreigners Migration Service (SME) the government of the southern African country plans to start issuing passports with enhanced security measures, including biometric data. The director of Continue Reading
Which country in the world could be the main culprit for what has been termed as a serious cyber-attack on the Australian parliament? This is the main question being asked following allegations made by top leaders in the southern continental nation. “A cyber-attack on Australian lawmakers that breached the networks of major political parties was […]Continue Reading
A DEAL BY AMAZON AND WESTERN UNION ENABLES KENYANS TO EASILY USE SHILLING ONLINE. Western Union, a cross-border currency movement company and United States’ e-commerce firm, Amazon have entered into a partnership agreement that will allow Kenyans to use local currency to pay for products sold on the Amazon website. As its main purpose, the […]Continue Reading
RUSSIA, CHINA, NORTH KOREA AND IRAN’S TECHNOLOGY THREATEN U.S. DOMINANCE. Big efforts by both Russia and China to develop space technologies are countering the long dominance of the United States of America (U.S.) in this highest field of science, while also threatening to cripple its galactic security supremacy, a new report by the Pentagon has warned. Continue Reading
  The number of sophisticated electronics criminals in Kenya is growing rapidly. On Wednesday January 30th, the Kenyan Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) published names and images of at least 130 suspects wanted in connection with electronic fraud. The suspects allegedly hacked into bank systems.  The battle against cybercrime is quite tough as hackers Continue Reading