Reports reaching us indicates over 37 people are reported dead and over 200 injured as a result of violent clashes between tribes in Sudan's east,local media reported.

According to local media Sudan Tribune, clashes between the tribes of Bani Amer and Nuba broke out in Sudan's Port Sudan last Thursday. The reason the clashes were triggered remains unknown until now.

Majority of those injured have since been taken to Governement and Military hospitals.

This Sunday,following the deadly clashes, Sudan newy formed Sovereign Council announced a state of emergency in the Red Sea state and dismissed the governor of the state, as well as the state's chief of security services, for a failure to effectively resolve the ongoing inter tribal conflicts.

                    Sudan transitional Council President.

The sovereign council have since  ordered for athorough investigation on the foregoing violence, saying that those responsible for the clashes would be punished and the victims would be compensated.

These comes barely after the opposition mass rallies managed to dethrone the former president Omar regime frompower and even established anew transitional government that they are part to together with the Military council.

These could be the tale tale sign of the opposition not bringing together local leaders at the grassroots to the negotiating table during the transitional discussions, thisis according to one of the local dudan reporters we talked to.