The major Day TICAD Conference on Africa Economic and Social development in Yokohama, Japan come to aclose with leaders and their representatives adopting the so called the "Yokohama Declaration".

At the closing ceremony, Japanese Premier Shinzo Abe said "Dynamic Africa is now astrong partner to Japan and now we can grow together, I was able to confirm that feeling through this conference which i have now chaired three time." Abe said amid cheers from the attendance.

The Yokohama declartion touched on harnessing the power of private Sector Investment across Africa to boost economic growth in Africa.

The Yokohama declaration also touched on stepping up the training programs for young African engineers.

In the declaration document, the leaders also made a veiled reference to China's bad lending and borrowing practises Africa Countries and the continent. the so called "debt book diplomacy" or "debt trap diplomacy!"

The declaration vows to strive toward a free, fair and transparent investment environment. That's something critics say China's initiatives are lacking seriously.

"As we have announced during this conference, Japan will help African nations improve debt management capabilities by sending policy advisors and providing training." Japanese prime Minister Shinzo Abe said.

And of great interest for the very first time, the declaration mentioned maritime security cooperation between Japan and Africa countries in the Indo-Pacific region.

China has been stepping up its maritime activities in the region and, its likely Japan wants to counter that.

The Yokohama Declaration also pledges to continue fighting infectious diseases by investing more in health initiatives.