The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in African countries has reached 371,548, with 15,225 new cases registered in the past 24 hours, while the death toll increased by 235 in one day to 9,484, this is according to the African Union CDC Portal and the World Health Organization’s Regional Office for Africa report as on Saturday evening.

The number of recoveries on the continent has reached 178,407, according to Africa CDC report.

The largest number of infected people has been (131,800) has recorded in South Africa, with 2,413 people dying. Egypt accounts for 63,923 recorded infections and the largest number of fatalities (2,708), whereas in Algeria the coronavirus death toll has reached 900.

In sub-Saharan Africa, Nigeria follows South Africa in terms of the number of infections (23,298 infected and 554 deaths), as well as Ghana (15,834 and 103, respectively.

While in East Africa region, Sudan is leading the pack with confirmed cases of 9,300 cases and 572 deaths. Followed by Kenya with 5800 recorded cases and 141 deaths. In aggregate the East Africa region total coronavirus cases have reached over 35,000.

Based on the above verified report the Coronavirus report is gaining its peak in Africa with the Southern and Northern Africa being the most affected countries on the Continent.

Its also noteworthy to mention that majority of Africa Countries still are undertaking very slow testes for majority lack testing kits and reagents for populating results.