The Burundi’s main opposition party, the National Council for Liberty (CNL) lead by his candidate Agathon Rwasa has pledged to challenge in court the decision declaring ruling party candidate Evariste Ndayishimiye winner of the just concluded presidential election.

Ndayishimiye won the election securing 68.72% of the vote, Burundi’s electoral commission said on Monday, defeating six challengers in the race to succeed current president, Pierre Nkurunziza.

The CNL’s opposition candidate Agathon Rwasa had already accused the government of “cheating” and “pure manipulation”, saying the results were “fanciful”. However, he stated that he had no plans to protest the results at this time and would settle for an appeal to Burundi’s Constitutional Court.

The opposition Candidate added that he don’t intend to call for street protest  ut vow to follow the law in challenging the election results.

The EAC Observers lead by the Kenyan and Tanzanian High Commissioner and the Western Africa Observers already declared the Election to be peaceful.

Therence Manirambona, spokesman for the CNL, criticised the exercise labeling it a “farce” which was marred by “massive fraud”.

“We have all the evidence and the real figures of these elections. We will seek justice,” Manirambona told German news agency dpa.

Ndayishimiye, dubbed as Nkurunziza’s “heir”, is expected to be sworn in for a seven-year term in late August when Nkurunziza’s term ends.

The May 20 election is Burundi’s first democratic transfer of power in its 58-years of independence so therefore, this is milestone worth Celebrating.