The Iran-operated Supertanker that used to be called Grace 1 and later renamed Adrian Darya 1 supertanker has been released by Gibraltar Authority despite arrest warrant letter from the US Attorney generalsoffice  requesting to seize it the tanker that as rejected by the island authority.

The tanker left the Gibraltar port at around midnight local time, shipping data showed.

Majority of twitterian took to Twitter to report that marine traffic monitoring sites showed the vessel moving towards open seas. However, its speed soon came to a near-halt, prompting discussions as to whether it was a technical problem or a false start.

In half an hour later time however, the tanker picked up speed, reaching Spanish waters and heading into international waters where it will be free from the hawk eyed US attempt seizure.

The tanker with some 2.1 million barrels of oil on board was seized by the UK off Gibraltar in early July. Washington accused the then-Panama-flagged ship of transporting the crude to Syria in violation of US sanctions.

Last week, despite the US authorities’ vocal objections, Gibraltar decided to release the vessel, claiming that it had received assurances that it was not bound for Syria. Tehran, however, subsequently denied that it had provided any such guarantees.

Gibralter, the British overseas territory have shown its foreign independence by pushing back against the US demand on Sunday, telling Washington that it was not goingto  implement US sanctions on Iran, which are much broader than those imposed by the EU.

These challenge to US will not doubt go unchallenged. Its very clear that US will pull sanctions or something against the tiny Island authority going by US policy of those defying their demands. Its highly likely they will sanction the justise department by dening them entry visas to the US authority.