Death’s caused by corona virus world wide have surpassed 7000 already and the economical death it has caused world wide is one which the globe cannot even figure out how to respond to it. Almost all countries have suspended trading at their stock exchange and business have been have been turned into a shell of their own.

Trade in all parts of the globe has declined with no imports or exports happening.

The consequences can be fatal if this pandemic continues and no cure or vaccine is found  Residents in America have started arming themselves with guns in preparedness-of increase in robberies due to lack of essentials being available. The police departments in various state are saying this would affect the social status and the fatalities can be more fatal to even comprehend.

Tenants find themselves in a worrying state fearing for what will happen if the governments don’t come to their rescue.  Some nation’shave issued warning to landlord’s not to evict tenants due to the disruption of working conditions and slow in productivity.

“Work from home,” this has left many private business especially young one’s at a stretched out platform. Productivity which leads to day to day revenue addition have been left pondering on how they will raise revenue while most need human interaction. Companies will be left to downscale if not close down raising the risk of causing an employment pandemic too.

Food productivity has gone down with what had been produced been used up. Hunger could follow up if the pandemic persists and the devastating effect can’t be thought of.

Medical practitioners have been tackling the COVID19 pandemic and it has overshadowed other illnesses. If the pandemic, as the globe puts in all efforts to tackle it, they is a growing concern other diseases might be neglected and this will lead to deaths increasing which are not related to the pandemic.

The mental preparedness of the world is also at test. The panic caused by it is immense and some people have been affected mentally due to it.

The global effect caused by this pandemic cuts across the board, from rich to the poor, literate to the illiterate and strong to the weak. How we win lay’s with the medical practitioners and the hope for them to get a cure is what lingers in everyone’s mind to avoid a catastrophy from happening.