Spain has called on NATO forces to send humanitarian help as the death toll caused by corona virus rose to over 2000. Spain has become the second highest affected nation in Europe and it says that the death toll could rise. Already hospitals are full and grounds have started been prepared to host the affected civilian whose number is on the rise.

US president Donald Trump has Said that the pandemic in the US could be nearing the end. The statement has rubbed the democrats in a bad way and they have slammed the Trump administration for handling the pandemic in a poor manner endangering the lives of American citizens. This is amidst a steady growth of deaths which have occurred in the USA.

Iran has refused to allow foreign aid workers to come to its rescue. This is after the deaths arising from the corona virus hit over 1500.Ministry of health spokesperson said that foreign entities would act as spies disguised as medical health workers. Iran which is celebrating a 2-week Persian holiday has refused to shut down its country. During this holiday, citizens congregate on the streets and visit homes .The spread of the virus is steady where there are large gatherings and people fear a further surge in numbers in Iran due to them not been strict with controlling movements.

Mexico government has been slammed for dealing the pandemic poorly and concentrating on the economy and not the health of civilians. The government has said it has everything under control and there is no need to stop the usual ways of the country.

Kenya’s health minister said that the country will issue further guidelines in the cause of the week as the confirmed cases arose to 25.In Tanzania the president has said that churches won’t be shut down since they help strengthen one spiritually during such trying times. In Uganda the president has said that traders found to have increased food prices during such times will have their licenses cancelled for taking advantage during such crisis moments.