So far there is a rush to develop cure, so far nothing seems to be working. Not even government policies and measures put in place to curb the rising number of Corona cases in a number of Countries with both Russia, Germany and USA already claiming to have vaccine now at the Clinical trial stages.

The covid 19 cases has now surpassed 700,000 mark as of today. Italy has however continued to see mortality numbers come down while confirmed cases are expected to jump

In the meantime, India’s Prime Minister Modi has apologized to the poor in the country who have been hard hit by the lock down imposed by his government. HIV positive and chronic patient’s have found it hard to acquire medication and he says that measures are being put into place to cater for them.

Iran’s President Rouhani on his part has told critics who blame his government for refusing international aid to deal with the matter, to back off. He said that “health is a critical issue but security of a country comes first too and his government will do anything possible to ensure the situation doesn’t escalate further. “

As at today the hardest hit city New York has recorded over 1000 deaths as at Today and New Jersey.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump has extended federal guidelines on social distancing in America until April 30 after a top health official warned more than 200,000 people could die from the coronavirus in the United States and up to one million people could die of Coronavirus pandemic.

Mediterranean Country of Italy, is the worst hit country in the world with Russian leading virologist, Chinese and Cuban Doctors on the ground helping Italy battle the Coronavirus pandemic, Germany Air Force are now evacuating critical ICU patients from Italy to go get treatment in Germany due to the country hospitals being overwhelmed.

The novel corona virus death toll and infections continue to rise at an alarming rate creating more fears of whether the world will be able to cope with the high mortality rate. Italy, Spain, China, Iran, USA and UK have recorded the highest death so far with new confirmed cases of infection being on the rise as well.