The increased rise of the pandemic corona virus has not only shown how humanity has stuck together but showed that a people united cannot be defeated. In Turkey civilians have started packing foods and keeping them by the roadside for the homeless to have something to eat as people adhere to the shutdown rule. 

Brazil football clubs have given out their Fields to the government to convert them into hospital’s in case need arises. They said this will help incase hospital’s become overwhelmed with the rising number.

Cruise companies in Italy have given out large ferries and cruise ships to be turned into hospital bed’s to house the large number of patients arising from the pandemic.

Billionaire Jack Ma has donated equipment’s to the US and Africa to help curb the spread of the virus. Bill Gates has also donated funds to research institutions as they research on finding a cure for the virus.

People affected by the virus have quarantined themselves in order not to spread the virus to other people. People have been adhering to safety measures too, proving that humanity cares too.

As efforts are made to contain the virus, humanity has been forced to rise up to the occasion and play a part in stopping the spread of the virus.

Have you played your part?  Kindly do it.