A representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Egypt, Dr. John Jabbour said on Monday that the country needs more coronavirus tests.

Jabbour said that increasing the number of tests enables the Ministry of Health to gather better data about the situation in the country.

In a phone call with an Egyptian TV station, Jabbour called for Cairo to adopt a systematic mechanism for testing across the country, noting that this makes it easy to discover the people who contracted the virus.

These tests would enable the state to identify those infected in the early stages and would help it limit the spread of the virus among the population.

Jabbour called on Egyptians to commit to the protective measures in order not to catch the virus and put more pressure on the healthcare system in the country.

 Jabbour also warned against what he described as “the patients’ misuse of the protective equipment,” warning that it could lead to “more infections”.

“The use of face masks in the streets are not recommended because it gives a wrong feeling of safety. The same applies to gloves as they can transmit infection,” the official pointed out, stressing that the regular washing of the hands was the “most important precautionary tip”. 100 percent of coronavirus deaths in Egypt were people with chronic diseases, the local representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) announced yesterday

Addressing medical staff at the country’s hospitals, Jabbour stressed that they “must limit their movement among the different health units.”

Egypt has 3,490 cases of the virus with 264 deaths; it’s thought that this is just the tip of the iceberg.