It Remains Quite Uncertain Whether Zimbabweans Really Regret the Death

Once widely hailed and feted as one of Africa’s top liberation heroes, after releasing the nation from minority white rule, Robert Mugabe of who was regarded by many Zimbabwean citizens and people around the globe as an autocrat, has now passed on, at the age of 95.  His death comes less than two years after he was peaceful overthrown from power by his own military in November 2917. 

Mugabe had ruled the southern African nation of Zimbabwe from 1980, first as prime minister and then as president since 1987. Before he was forced to resign, he had become one of the most controversial leaders in Africa and the world, as he ruled forcefully and got himself re-elected to presidency multiple times.

Until he was forced by the military and his opponents to leave power in late 2017 Mugabe had been viewed by many around the globe as a singular dictator who never wanted to leave power. Following his mostly unexpected departure from Zimbabwe’s presidency, he was replaced by current Zimbabwe Emmerson President Mnangagwa, who now rules the country after highly controversial election last year, 2018.

When he first assumed power, Mugabe was a national and international hero who was a champion of racial reconciliation in Zimbabwe.   After more than nearly four decades of his autocratic rule, the mineral rich southern African slid into economic, political and social chaos, which still haunt the country even now.

The death of the former Zimbabwe president was announced by the incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who has been attending the World Economic Forum in neighboring South Africa’s Cape Town.  This came about after doctors in Singapore who had been treating him there since April had discontinued his treatment.

While it is regrettable for Zimbabwe to lose its liberator and long-standing ruler, even at the very old age of 95, many of the landlocked southern African nation may not having a great deal of sadness over the death.  May God rest Mugabe’s soul in eternal peace.