On May 7, ISIS terrorists ambushed a convoy of the Nigerian Armed Forces (NAF) convoy in the northeastern Nigerian province of Borno state highway linking Maiduguri, the capital of Borno, and the town of Damboa and left over 15 Nigerian service members killed or injured in the ambush according to our source.

Barely within a week again on May 12 a ISIS terrorist group ambushed a unit of Nigerian Armed forces (NAF) on a road linking the town of Gajiram and Monguno leaving three Nigerian Amred forces dead and pick up trucks loaded with Machine guns captured by the terrorist groups.

A day later, ISIS cells attacked a position of the NAF near the town of Mainok. The terrorists also ambushed a convoy of reinforcements that was pouring inn as it arrived in the scene. At least 17 soldiers were killed and others were injured, according to ISIS’ claims.

The terrorist group’s agency, media wing Amaq, also claimed that two vehicles and loads of weapons were captured. An armored vehicle and a fuel tanker were allegedly destroyed.

ISIS operations were not limited to assaults and ambushes. On May 13, the group’s terrorists shelled two positions of the NAF in the towns of Maiduguri and Jakana with six Grad rockets.

On the same day, the terrorists shelled a base of the NAF near the town of Malam Fatori with ten 107mm rockets and ten mortar shells.

ISIS in West Africa (ISWA), known as Boko Haram, has been active in Borno, mainly in the areas bordering Lake Chad, for several years now.

The recent attacks in Borno indicate that ISWA’s cells are gaining momentum, once again. The NAF and local security forces are yet to take effective measures to address the growing threat of the terrorist group in the state.

We have pointed out here on Diplomasia News many times that what Nigeria Armed forces luck is intelligence and Surveillance. You can’t fight these terrorists with traditional means. Have combat drones for target acquisition, intelligence gathering and surveillance so you know what your fighting and foremost the pinpoint position of your enemy.

Nigeria is Africa largest Economy however, when it comes to defense it is employing lackluster methodology in fighting terrorist so unless you change your tact Bokoharam will keep changing tide. That said may be Nigeria can borrow leave from Egypt or Kenya Armed forces that have deployed state of the art surveillance systems.