It’s barely a month since President Uhuru Kenyatta imposed daily curfews from 7 pm to 5 am to curb the spread of the virus which has continued to be a big threat around the globe.

The government also locked down movements in various counties like Nairobi which is most hit by the virus and Mombasa which is also recording high numbers as the days go by.

As the number of infections continues to rise the government is planning to impose more strict restrictions following several cases of people defying the measures put by the president.

 “When we came up with the curfew we had some specific expectations, it will be an exercise in futility to say let’s continue as normal when the curve is not flattening, remember we had objectives to achieve and if we haven’t achieved them, then we will ask the government to extend curfew,” said Kibicho who is the Interior principal secretary.

Mr. Kibicho further noted that the government was closely mapping certain estates in Nairobi to be sure of the level of the virus spread and should the rate continue then some estates could be put under total lockdown.

Several cases of Kenyans defying the rules have been recorded in almost all counties, for example Kilifi Deputy Governor   failed to self-quarantine after traveling into the country and hence the government took measures and is facing charges in court.

For some who were found drinking in clubs despite the government measure were forced into government isolation facilities for defying the rules.

Police officers have also reported various cases of those people attempting to sneak in and out of Nairobi County despite the restrictions, therefore they are taken to quarantine for 14 days at their own cost.

More and more counties are locking down movements in and within their borders in a move to curb the spread of coronavirus.   

Kenya has recorded 281 cases of coronavirus with 14 deaths.