Award-winning Kenyan rapper King Kaka has picked up a storm after releasing a song called "wajinga nyinyi" loosely translated to foolish/Stupid you. accusing politicians of corruption and being co-authors of the country’s economic  misfortunes.

Since releasing the song one week ago dust is yet to settle down as storm continue to brew with the the song trending for the better part of the week on twitter with #Wajinganyinyi and #Wajingasisi. #IstandWithKingKaka

The latest development came Yesterday when the Rapper was ostensibly Summoned by the Criminal Investigation Department (DCI). the DCI had to back down following public outcry on twitter who threatened to protest to stand with the artist.

To authenticate the same we reached out to one of the officers whom we will not mention her name who works at the station who CONFIRMED to us that indeed the artist was summoned but they back peddled because of public pressure.

In 2017, he released a song titled “Mwizi Mkubwa” in which he talks about how politicians misuse their supporters to appear on their rallies.

In many of his songs King Kaka sneaks in verses that touch on governanace and social injustices.

But none has elicited reactions more than his latest hit,”Wanjinga Nyinyi”

Majority of Kenyans goin by their support for the artist both on twitter and facebook agree that KingKaka song speaks on their behalf. The people even threatend to start demonstration if anything happens to the artist. Its no doubt the song have the potentisal to start arevolution.

The latest to threatend the Rapper is Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has threatened to take legal action against King Kaka should the rapper fail to take down his latest sensational song.

According to the governor, the song contains references to her which are malicious and reckless with complete disregard of the loss or damage occasioned to her.

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru (L)King Kaka (R)

Governor Waiguru, in the letter, cited the following lyrics from ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’;

“Ati Waiguru ako kwa office na story ya NYS tulishasahau

Biro moja alibuy 8 thao, biro tunanunuanga mbao

Either sisi ndio wajinga ama ako na marking scheme ya Accau…”

The Kirinyaga County boss stated that the above lyrics implied that she is corrupt, was involved in theft of public funds at the National Youth Service (NYS) and irregularly purchased items  such as biro pens  at overpriced prices while at the helm of the Ministry of Devolution.

Using music or art to express feelings, thoughts, and emotions was there, even in the early days. King Kaka has successfully painted a clear image of the current political context where politicians are looting public funds, and Kenyans choose to vote for them instead of choosing honest leaders.

 Therefore, despite its controversy, I think “Wajinga Nyinyi” is a great piece of music with a significant political value to Kenyans and the Jubilee government.

The spoken word artist did mince his words as he put down what perceived to be Kenya’s biggest problems like unemployment and corruption

In some instances,he called out some politicians’ names implicated in various scandals in the country.

The video has since sparked mixed reactions online with some politicians being on the defense exchanging words on Twitter.

King Kaka is not the only musician who has produced songs touching on social and governance.

Other artists include Julius Owino alias Juliani(Utawala) urging Kenyans not to withstand bad governance,Erick Wainaina(Nchi Kitu Kidogo) which implies a country of corruption

Sauti Sol also released a song titled “Tujiangalie”urging Kenyans to reflect on themselves in order to transform the country.