The constitutional court of Malawi dismissed President Peter Mutharika application in its ruling in the capital Lilongwe on Wednesday.


“This is a public law case and the law must be cautiously applied”, said Judge Dingiswayo Madise.


Con court judges also dismissed Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) argument about the cost of conducting fresh elections. Judges

 Dismissed saying if there will be any costs to be incurred and losses made it will be squarely on Malawians.


Madise said that democracy is expensive and citizens’ rights are paramount, “the court will not stop the pursuit of constitutional elections on account of cost.”


Malawian President Peter Mutharika who appeal the constitutional court's annulment of last year’s May presidential elections.


Mutharika was declared the winner of the May 21 election with 38.5 percent of the votes, Chakwera losing by just 159,000 votes and therefore he went to court to challenge the results.


After six months of hearing 5 judges on Monday ruled that the Peter Mutharika was not duly elected, citing widespread irregularities including the use of correction fluid on result sheets.


It was the first time the Presidential election has been nullified on legal grounds in Malawi since independence from Britain in 1964 and only the second African voter result to be canceled after the 2017 Kenya presidential elections.