US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo is to appear before a congress committee to answer if whether the Trump administration had adequate justification for assassination of Iranian top commander Qassem Soleimani in Iraq.

Democrat member of the house foreign affairs Gerry Connolly says the committee will have “probing questions and one worries about un-intended consequences and violence spreading throughout the region.”

President Trump and top administration officials have given shifting explanations on the Jan 3rd drone attack. The administration in previous sittings with the committee have been to prove Soleimani was actively plotting to harm Americans and refused to hand in documents to show what led to the attack.

Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi told Iraq parliament that on that day he was scheduled to meet the top commander to foster talks between Riyadh and Tehran. Iraq ‘s parliament voted to expel all foreign troops from their territory as a reaction to the killing.

Iran backed militias vowed to continue attacks on American forces as way to display their displeasure with the killings.

The region however says the killing was unjustified and a blow to the war on ISIS terror group since he was the lead player in fighting them.

The Soleimani assassination has brought into question if the Trump administration violated international law and if it’s applying maximum pressure on Iran. Iran later pulled of from the nuclear meeting negotiations.