Saudi Arabia government has launched a massive crackdown on the country’s wealthiest and influential people on claims that they are corrupt or have dealt with corrupt entities. Among those targeted have been government workers and senior defense ministry officials.

Some quarters have seen it as a way of the de-facto leader Prince Mohammad bin Salman trying to consolidate a grip of power and silencing anyone who can be a threat of him assuming power incase anything happens to his ailing father who is the king ruler.

The arrest of some members of the royal family raised eyebrows with many believing he is trying to fight off any opposition coming his way. Though the government claims it has nothing to do with that,the question which lingers on is why only his biggest critics are being targeted?

The Saudi backed war in Yemen has made the prince be accused of waging a war which has only left more causalities and made the Houthi rebels target Saudi’s infrastructures.

The killing of journalist Khashoggi has also raised questions on his leadership skills after he was accused of allowing the murder of the journalist though no substantial evidence has linked him.

His dalliance with the US government has also earned him some reliable partner in trade and has left his administration in self-praise. The recent crackdown has left local and international observers watching the outcome as the corruption courts say they will prosecute all those arrested without leaving a stone unturned.