U.N Representative Condemns the Various Attacks on Civilians in Libya

So far reports indicate that there have been over 100 civilian deaths as result of war in the North African nation of Libya, which was launched by rebel Gen. Khalifa Hafter to capture the capital city, Tripoli, from the current regime, which is recognized by the United Nations (UN).

According to the head of United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) Gassar Salame,300 other victims of the Libyan civil war been injured, while at least 120,000 to have so far been displaced. Mr. Salame, however, said there were no confirmed figures on the total number of fighters on both sides who have so far died in the conflict but he approximates the figure to could be fewer than a thousand.

The UN  representative in Libya condemn the “interim government” based in the eastern parts of the North African country  for setting up parallel unelected councils even as he called for the freeing of captives  and  investigations into the disappearance of a member of the Libyan House of Representatives, Mr. Siham Sergiwa.

According to Mr. Salame, the U. N. Security Council’s arms embargo upon Libya has been ineffective even though  both sides are ready for peace negotiations as they  exhibit combat fatigue. He also urged current Libyan authorities to cooperate with the U.N. in the investigation by providing any information that might be needed about the horrific attack.

In his view, “the UN will naturally remain in Libya, as we work to mitigate any further further the risks to our personnel and operations but the tragic irony is that as the situation worsens on the ground, it becomes the greater  since they require our presence, meditation efforts and provision of humanitarian assistance.”

Mr. Salame also noted that  the Benghazi hub will remain open, with only a limited number of U.N. staff  operating there  as a decision on their a long-term re-positioning  can  only be taken after a full assessment of the security situation in the city and associated risks being taken

For several months now, Libya has sunk deeply into a highly  volatile political and security situation following the eruption of the civil war, when a rebel army  led by Gen. Hafter attempted to capture Tripoli, but has so far been unsuccessful in taking over the government of the country as initially intended.

There has been shelling or airports and other vital facilities in the country One possible disaster  which was very miraculously and closely averted on a recent Sunday was when a series of shells were fired a plane full of returning pilgrims at  Mitiga airport.

Multiple visits have been conducted to Mitiga airport, one to Zuwara airport and to other civilian sites including the Tajoura Detention Centre that has also been subjected to air strikes, drone and projective attacks since 4th of April , 2019..

‘I ask for the UN Security Council’s  for strong support in condemning  the attacks, Mr. Salame said while noting that the global body has subsequently responded to  Libyan GNA regime’s requests for inspection of sites that have so far been subjected to such  indiscriminate attacks and shelling, which threatens the lives of substantial numbers of civilians.