South Sudanese President Salva Kiir has finally announced the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity (R-TGONU).

  President Salva Kiir has appointed   a female defense minister for the first time in the country, the list of the new cabinet included Angelina Teny as the minister of defense and placed in the third rank after the Cabinet Affairs Minister Martin Elia Lomoro who maintains his position and the new foreign minister Beatrice Khamis a Wani.

According to the peace agreement, the participation of women should be at 35% in the executive. The SPLM-IG has to appoint six women, the SPLM-IO three at least and the SSOA one woman. The latter gave the Ministry of Agriculture Josephine Lagu.

Kiir who has to appoint 20 ministers of the 35 cabinet members appointed Paul Mayom as the Interior Minister, Michael Makuei Lueth as the Information Minister, Garang Mabiordit as the Finance and Planning Minister and Ruben Madol Arol as the Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister.

 Puot Kang Chol is the Minister of Petroleum after representing the SPLM-IO rebel group at the National Pre-transitional Committee (NPTC), which is charged with implementing the peace agreement.

President Kiir on 22 February appointed his first vice-president and four other vice-presidents establishing a sort of collective leadership with clear attributions to everyone as provided in the revitalized peace pact.

However, discussions to form the cabinet took more time, as the peace partners of the SPLM-IO and the SSOA complained that the president and his entourage wanted to keep the most important ministries for them.

The new council of ministers includes 34 ministers and ten deputies, composed of politicians who will be running the Revitalised transitional government of national unity (R-TGNoU).

 This ended the anxious wait for the formation of a government crafted from a 2018 peace deal.