2 Turkish soldiers were when missiles hit them in them in the northern side of Syria.  The 3rd soldier was wounded and evacuated to receive medical attention.  The attack comes  2 weeks after Russia and Turkey signed a ceasefire agreement.  Turkey had hinted that in case of anything attack during that period it would retaliate with all its military power.

The attack was confirmed to have been launched by militias though none has claimed responsibility for it. Turkey said it had a retaliatory attack but didn’t disclose further new’s on their targets.

Previous ceasefire agreement signed have failed to last and this one seems to follow similar footsteps Turkey has however maintained that it will allow migrants to cross over using their borders but will be tested for corona virus a pandemic which has caused a global shutdown.

Over 1 million people have been displaced by the clashes and the spread of corona virus has put them at a higher risk of contracting it. Europe countries are requesting Turkey to completely shut down it’s border to help curb the spread of the virus. The immigrants who had already crossed over have been put in detention camps where they are being monitored for the virus.