The Yemeni forces known us Houthi forces (Ansar Allah) have shot down American most feared stealth drone MQ-9 predator drone.

The most feared stealth drone predator was shot down over South western province of Dhamar province in Yemen. The media wing of Houthis reported.

According to the statement, the unmanned combat drone was downed by domestically manufactured surface-to-air defeated missile.

The Haouthi media added the missile used in the operation will be showcased at the special ceremony in the future.

Yemen, the country located on the southern tip of the Arabian peninsula, has been engaged in strife as the government forces, led by President Abdrabuh Mansour Hadi backed by the Arab coalition lead by Saudi Arabia and UAE and the rebel Houthi movement, have been locked in an armed conflict for several years over the control of the poor Country.

MQ-9 predator is one of the most lethal unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV) combat drone feared in the world. Its also a stealth UAV drone operated mostly by the US forces and its allies in the Region. With its inability to detected is why its feared hence its downing by the Houthis will definitely spark question of “the stealth technology” the US have been boasting about.

This is coming barely two month when Iran also downed another expensive stealth combat drone global hawk in the same manner.