Watch heroic Russian police climbed into a balcony through the window from a neighboring apartment to stop a drunk man who was dangling his five-month-old daughter by her legs and threatening to drop her down.

The most horrific and bizzare case of domestic violence that luckily ended with everyone alive occurred in the city of Saransk, 500km east of Moscow. Police were called regarding a local resident who was standing on his apartment balcony and shouting that he was going drop the baby. He even dangled her by the legs from the third-floor window.

The cops risked their lives and managed to sneak up on the man by climbing out from the neighboring apartment. Seizing the moment, the lead officer charged inside, depriving him of any opportunity to deliver on the threat. Fellow officers followed to help him apprehend the would-be baby-killer. Police released a video of the incident.

The man turned out to be a 38-year-old with a criminal record, and the victim was his five-month-old baby girl. According to local media, on that same day, the perpetrator assaulted the mother of the child and kicked her out of the apartment covered in blood. He then found a new target in his rampage, but luckily the cops were there to stop him in time.

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